1993 Buick Roadmaster Power Trunk Release Inop

Car came in with complaint of power trunk release inop. Would not work with remote or switch on dash. The first thing checked was that the valet switch in the glove box was not switch on. It was not. Checked for power and ground at trunk release solenoid located at the latch assembly. No power or ground. Traced wires around to the driver’s side hinge and found the wires broken about two inches from the connector.

Disconnected harness and brought it to the outside of the trunk where repairs could be made easily. Made up three new wires with factory type terminal and spliced them back into the harness while staggering the joints. Retaped and secured the harness back to the hinge and another vehicle repaired.

If you do not have ready access to factory terminals then you can splice the wires back together, however make sure you add enough wire to the harness to keep the wires from flexing at the splice connection when the trunk is opened or closed. This will insure a lasting repair.

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