1999 Taurus Cranks & Stalls When Put In Gear, No Run Condition

The engine cranks over normally and either stalls when put into any gear or fails to run at all. Checked codes and found no communication with engine computer. I also noted that during the stall condition or the no run condition that the service engine soon and door ajar indicator lights on the left side of the instrument cluster would not come on. The lights on the right side seemed to work okay. Unfortunately the problem went away and started running fine during inspection.

I consulted wiring diagrams to find a common link between the the two inoperative lights and possibly the no run condition. The only commonality that I could find was a fuse that is powered by the ignition switch. An ignition switch could cause a no run condition so that is where I started. I removed the panel below the steering column and I was pretty sure I had found the problem. There was an add on security system!! Lots of troubles.

I disconnected the large plug and tried to start the vehicle and the problem returned exactly as it was before. I consulted the owner and asked if she was using a remote control to lock and unlock her car. She said no and removal was recommended. Restored wiring to factory design and all is good.

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