Cold air out of right side AC vents and Hot Air out of left side AC vent

ID Status Date Year Make Model Transmission Type A/C Controls Public/Private
#15678 In Progress 2007 New Body style Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab 4WD LT public

I have a 2007 Silverado 2500HD Crew cab 4wheel Drive, new body style. It has dual heater/AC controls. When the controls are at there lowest setting 60 I get cold air out of the right side and Hot out of the left. can’t get a straight answer out of anybody around here. blend doors/rest the calibration on the doors, nor can they tell me where the actuators are. You tube only shows one seems easy enough but??????? What can I do or better yet should do fairly mechanically inclined.


I would recommend starting with a system recalibration. Use the information in the following article with the exception that you will be dealing with the HVAC BATT fuse. This may be all that you need to do especially if the battery was recently disconnected.

If that does not resolve the issue the most likely cause would be a faulty driver’s temperature door actuator. The following article should help with replacing that actuator.

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