2005 Buick Century, Hard Crank No Run Condition

This 2005 Buick Century came in with the complaint that sometimes the engine would not start and using the turn signals would cause the engine to stall. It belongs to a local used car lot and they did not tell me all of this. Had to figure it out on my own over several days. … Continue reading “2005 Buick Century, Hard Crank No Run Condition”

2003 Buick Regal, P0128

This 2003 Buick Regal came in with a service engine soon light on and a code P0128 stored. The code means that the engine coolant temperature is below the thermostat regulating temperature. In other words the thermostat is sticking open or opening to soon to satisfy the computer. Thankfully this car has the 3.8 liter … Continue reading “2003 Buick Regal, P0128”