1995 F150 , High Idle – Code 121

This 1995 Ford F150 pickup came in with the complaint that the idle was very high. The customer stated that the original problem was that the idle was too low and the engine would stall. His neighbor was familiar with Fords and had replaced the IAC valve and now it idles very high. They had … Continue reading “1995 F150 , High Idle – Code 121”

1995 Chevrolet Pickup, Runs Poorly Sometimes – Code 15

This 1995 Chevrolet Pick up came in with a complaint that the engine would start running poorly. Bucking and jerking intermittently and just generally carrying on is what the customer stated. He also said that he has had several different shops look at the problem, he has spent a lot of money and I am … Continue reading “1995 Chevrolet Pickup, Runs Poorly Sometimes – Code 15”