2010 Ram 1500, Alternator Not Charging, Code P2504

This 2010 Ram 1500 Pickup came in with the complaint that the alternator and the battery have both been replaced but the battery still keeps going dead.

Checking the voltage at the alternator output post while the engine was running found that the alternator was charging. The image below shows the alternator charge voltage on the left while the actual battery voltage is on the right.

I am pointing to the alternator fusible link in the next picture. It is the blue/gray wire behind the red one.

Looking at the fusible link from the backside, you can see that the insulation is split open and the inner wire is charred/burnt looking. A fracture can also be seen going across the wire.

The size of the fusible link is 8 gauge and not too easy to find, especially on a local level. My intention is to replace it with a mega fuse and fuse holder that I intend to mount on the side of the fuse box bracket.

Before I could get down to mounting the new fuse holder assembly, I had to remove the burnt fusible link and open up the harness.

This allows me to make my wiring cuts and repairs in the proper locations.

I had to disconnect the harness connector as seen in the image below. I also had to remove s few wire ties that also held the harness down. That was followed up with splitting the harness open to get to the needed wiring.

For a good fit.

Below you can see the remnants of the fusible link repair.


To see more details of this repair please watch the 2 part videos on my YouTube Channel.

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