2005 Subaru Outback-Headlight Erratic-Inoperative

This 2005 Subaru Outback came in with the complaint that the passenger side low beam headlight worked sometimes and sometimes not. The customer stated that the bulb and harness had both been replaced a year or so ago. Accessing the bulb requires removing the air intake duct work. It is held in place by a couple of plastic retainers. The screw in the middle has to be turned so that the screw will pop up.


Sometimes it helps to hold the outer edge of the retainer so that it will not turn when loosening the inner screw.


The screw does not have to come all of the way out. Just up far enough for the retainer to pull loose of the vehicle.


The duct work has to be lifted and rolled at the same time for it to come out of the air filter housing.


The white bulb cover can now be accessed for removal. It twists to the left and then pulls out of the lamp assembly.


The main problem with this light is the poor terminal splice connection as evidenced by the dark discoloration of the blue plastic. The terminal and plastic have been overheated due to a poor crimp on a cheap splice connector.


I installed quality spicing terminals. Non insulated and with no split seam


Heat shrink tubing with a meltable sealing liner.


A new bulb, new connector, quality splice and this one is ready to go back together.


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