2007 Lexus ES350 Need Tips For Replacing The Evaporator Core

Marquie B: Replacing 2007 ES350 a/c evaporator this weekend. You said you learned a few things along the way. What advice would you give to help decrease the repair time?

Sparky: I would strongly recommend reading about the repair in the Lexus shop manuals. Set aside at least two days for the repair. More if you are not experienced in this kind of work. . Wear protective gloves as many parts are razor sharp. Tag, bag  and label screws in groups. Take many pictures as you disassemble so you will know how it goes back together. There is one screw that is removed from under the hood that holds the crossbar/dash to the body. Requires removal of the wiper motor assembly. After the crossbar screws are removed from the door jamb area there are inner adjustment screws that have to be loosened on the passenger side. They have allen heads.

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