2003 Ford Expedition Battery Light On After Fuse Box Replacement

Sherry H: I just replaced the fuse box on my 2003 Expedition with one from a 2003 Navigator due to a stalling issue. Swapped fuses from my box that were different and everything works but my battery light is on. Vehicle runs, but after about 10 minutes of driving all power to gauges, lights, etc go out, but engine is still running. No codes could be pulled, battery and alternator are fine. Info center shows there is a charging system error. Help please!

Sparky: Sounds like you are running off the battery and the battery is going dead. I would guess that either something did not get properly reconnected or the fuse box has different internal wiring circuits. You could call a Ford dealership to see if the two vehicles use the same fuse box. It would take quite a while to go through wiring diagrams to see if they are wired differently or not. You may want to install the original fuse box and see if your most recent problems go away.

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