2005 Chevrolet Tahoe-Fuse Location For Sun Visor Lights

Jason K: Where is the fuse that control the sun visor lights on my 2005 Tahoe and do you know what size ….. thanks

Sparky: The vanity lights are supplied power from the BCM on the orange wire. The BCM is supplied power on multiple TBC fuses in the underhood and interior fuse boxes. The overhead MAP and Reading lights are also supplied power from the orange wire. If they work the BCM is okay and you have either a wiring problem on the power side or a lack of ground on the black wire.

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    1. A BCM is a body control module or computer. On some trucks and suvs it is referred to as a TCM or truck control module. To accurately test a BCM you will need the use of a scan tool capable of communicating with it. There are tests and/or observations that can be made to eliminate some causes of the problem.

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