2007 Acura MDX Battery Goes Dead

This 2007 Acura MDX came in with the complaint that the battery would go dead. Usually after sitting a day or more. I checked and sure enough there was a small drain present most of the time and sometimes it would spike higher. Since I was already familiar with a common drain on the TL chassis I decided to look for the Hands Free Link module (HFL). My component locator showed the HFL module being located at the rear of the center console.

Since the ambient temperature was about 70 F I was able to use the simplest of tests. I opened the lid of the center console and felt the surface temperature of the panels. The section where I have my hand located in the next picture was slightly warm compared to the rest of the panels.

It took a fair amount of wiggling and pulling to get the clips that hold the rear panel in place to release. The HFL can now be seen in the next picture.

A simple disconnect of the harness connector and the drain was gone.

And like most customers, the owner of this vehicle elected to just leave the HFL disconnected rather than replacing it.

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