2004 Chrysler Pacifica, Door Locks & Interior Lights Do Not Work

This 2004 Chrysler Pacifica came in with the complaint that the power door locks and interior lights do not work unless the ignition is on. I also found that the remote control did not work either. The problem was quite simple in the end but it took a little research to find it.  

Chrysler uses an IOD (Ignition Off Draw) fuse in the IPM (Integrated Power Module) to put the vehicle into long term storage mode. The IOD fuse is installed into a plastic carrier that has an offset built into it. Rotating the fuse carrier 180 degrees determines if battery power or ignition power will be supplied to the systems on that fuse.  I am pointing to the IOD fuse in the next picture and it is positioned for normal operation of all systems.

The next picture shows the IOD fuse and carrier being removed from the IPM.

Note that down in the fuse cavity there are three terminals.

The fuse carrier accommodates all three terminals. Two will connect to the fuse terminals and the third will enter the recess in the carrier.  With the fuse towards the bottom battery power is supplied to the circuits.

With the fuse positioned towards the top ignition power is supplied to the circuits.

I should point out that top and bottom references are from the viewpoint of standing in front of the driver’s front tire and looking across the fender into the IPM.

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