1993 Acura Legend, Low Air Flow From A/C Vents

This 1993 Acura Legend came in with the complaint that the air conditioner was not keeping the car cool enough. A quick check revealed that the air was cold but there was not much volume. Time to check the cabin air filter. It is located behind the glove compartment on the passenger side of the dash. There are several plastic screw pin retainers that need to be removed from the lower edge of the dash. It generally takes a very light touch while turning the screw for it to back out far enough for removal. Sometimes the outer ring has to be held in place.

A look at the retainer with the center screw backed out enough to remove the retainer from the dash.

There are two brackets that have two screws in each one that have to be removed.

After all four screws are removed the glove box can be opened and dropped down slightly. Then release the clips that hold the cloth/vinyl cover in place.

The glove box will be hanging from the white plastic clip and cable assembly in the center of the next picture. Support the glove box and try not to allow the full weight of the box to hang on the cable and clip. There is a latch that has to be depressed to remove the plastic clip from the dash.

A side view of the clip.

Now there is a harness connector that needs to be disconnected. The latch is on the back side of the connector.

There is a metal bracket between the blower housing and the evaporator case that needs to be removed. One lower screw.

One upper screw. The bracket can now be positioned out of the way to expose the cabin air filter.

There was a lot of debris on the old filter.

In the box and now on the floor.

The two paper tabs on the new filter are to be positioned on the outer side. They are there to provide a grip area for removal of the filter. The curved edge goes down.

I took a few minutes to clean the opening out with a shop vacuum and small hose extension.

The new filter installed.

I finished by installing all of the removed parts. Another one done.

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