2009 Pontiac G5 Turn Signal & Park Light Not Working

This 2009 Pontiac G5 came in with the complaint that the right front turn signal and park light do not work. This particular light assembly had water in it, so I was pretty sure that the socket and bulb would be damaged. The first step in removing the headlight assembly is to remove the push pin retainers for the upper portion of the bumper cover assembly.

Next the two screws with the 10 mm heads have to be removed.

Then the front cover has to be lifted and pulled slightly out to allow the inner corner of the light assembly clear the panel.

The original socket on the left has five wires while the replacement socket only has three. This is perfectly normal. The original socket was also used as a splice location.

In replacing the faulty socket assembly, the multi wire splice location moves to the  outside of the socket as shown below. All three black wires connect in one terminal. All three brown wires are connected together and then the purple wire is connected to remaining wire of color. In this case dark blue. If it were the driver’s side light the purple wire would be attached to the light blue wire.

The black and brown wires on the new socket are stripped back a little further than normal.

Then the exposed wire is doubled over so that it will fill the splicing terminal.

The connection is finished off with dual wall heat shrink tubing. Always remember to make sure that the half with two wires in it is positioned lower that the half with only one wire in it. Water may try to make it’s way past the seal on the two wires as it is generally not a perfect seal. With them pointing down gravity is in our favor.

I checked and the seal from the original socket seemed to be slightly thicker, so I used it instead of the one that came with the socket.

The lights now work. Notice the water mark at the lower edge of the light assembly. Before installing the light  I drilled two very small holes at the lowest point of the installed assembly so that the water would drain out. It under the light and in a position behind the bumper cover. Again gravity working in our favor.

The old socket on the left and of course the new one on the right.

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Another one finished.

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