2003 Nissan Maxima, Power Window Calibration

This 2003 Nissan Maxima came in with the complaint that the passenger front window would go down on it’s own. What I determined was that when the window was raised up, it would automatically cycle down about six inches. If the glass, motor or regulator have been removed a relearn procedure is needed to restore proper operation.

The first step in this process it to remove the door panel. If you have already removed any of the listed parts you of course already know how to remove the door panel. Lift the screws cover in the door panel pull handle.

Then using a philip’s head screwdriver remove the single screw.

Lift and remove the switch trim panel.

There are retainers at both ends that have to be dealt with.

Remove the outer trim ring from the inside door handle.

You have to work along the inside edge of the ring to release the locking tabs.

Remove the screw cover at the front of the door panel.

Then the phillip’s headed screw.

I am pointing to the rest button on the power window motor.

To reset the upper and lower limits:

Make sure all switches are connected.

Turn the ignition switch on.

Raise the window fully. You may have to play with it to get it to stop at the full closed position.

Press and hold the reset switch.

While lowering the window fully. I am holding the switch with my unseen fingers. Kind of hard to hold the reset button, lower the window and take the picture all at the same time.

Release the reset switch. Make sure it pops back out.

Raise the window fully.

The limit switches are now reset.

Now the most important part of this procedure. If the door panel is already back on, the procedure can be done by only removing the switch cover and locating the reset switch button that I am pointing to with my screw driver. If you cannot reach the reset button with your fingers you should be able to with a large tipped common screwdriver.

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