1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Changing The Map Light Bulbs

This 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited came in with the complaint that the overhead reading or map light was not working on the left side. This repair starts with removing the single front phillip’s head screw.

It took me a little while to figure out how to unsnap the rear of the light assembly. I used the tools shown below to slide into where the clips were and pried it loose.

The retaining clip.

The slot that the retaining clip locks into.

This picture will give you a better idea of just where those clips are in relation the whole assembly.

I unplugged the red connector near the compass assembly and the harness connector for the sunroof switch. Then I removed the two T10 torx screws.

This of course allowed me to flip the lamp base over to expose the bulbs.

I was pretty sure that the lenses were not removable from the exterior of the assembly and the picture below proves that theory out.

I lifted one end of each bulb with a small screwdriver, and then pulled the other end loose.

In case you are interested, the bulb number for this vehicle is 212-2.

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