2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue, Driver’s Vent Blows Hot Air

This 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue came in with hot air blowing from the driver’s side vents with the a/c on. Using scan data on my Tech 2, I had determined that there were issues with the blend door actuators on this Olds.  I had already removed the lower dash panels on the driver’s side to replace the ignition switch for another a/c problem on this car. Please click here to see that post. The driver’s side blend door actuator, also referred to as the temperature door actuator is in the center of the picture below. It is partially hidden from view by the curved black tube that is connected to the interior temperature sensor.

The actuator is held in place by two 5.5 mm headed screws and has one harness connector. I used a long 1/4″ extension, a  1/4″universal and a 5.5 mm socket to remove the two screws.

With the screws removed and the harness disconnected, the actuator comes out from the bottom.

The new actuator is in place and I am installing one of the screws in the picture below. Notice that my extension is actually going through the plastic bracket.

The new and old actuators side by side, and of course I prefer a genuine ACDelco part.  To order this part from my trusted supplier, please click here.

I also had to replace the passenger side blend door actuator on this car even though there was no complaint from the driver.  Notice the data for the RH Air Mix Position Feedback and RH Air Mix Position Requested. What I had noticed was that the Requested data line would change with input from the control head assembly but the Feedback would not. the reason why was because some one had disconnected the wiring from the actuator.

To replace the actuator the glove box door has to be dropped down fully. This starts with removing the phillips headed screw that holds the recoil cable to the door.

Drop the glove box open some more and then rotate the stop pegs. Once the pegs have been loosened they will pull out of the glove box body.

When I had fully dropped the glove box the first thing I saw was that the actuator was unplugged. I plugged it up and it went to full hot. Not good since it is July in South Carolina.

I used the same tools to remove this actuator but it sure was a lot easier.

Once the screws were removed it pulls straight off of the heater-a/c case.

Notice the white shaft in the center of the picture. That is the shaft of the passenger side temperature door that mates to the actuator.

Now all of that data is good and this one is almost done. There is still one more problem with this car but I will leave that for another post.

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