2004 Ford Expedition, P0305 Misfire Cylinder #5

This 2004 Ford Expedition came in with a code P0305, misfire cylinder #5. The customer already had the spark plugs changed out a few days ago, but his misfire was back. Time to get to cylinder #5 coil. I removed the two bolts that held the engine cover in place.

After the top engine cover was removed, I could now get to the power steering bracket that covers the #5 coil assembly.

There are three bolts that hold the bracket on place. All 8 mm heads.

Now, unplug the coil and only one 7 mm headed bolt holds the coil in place.

Pull the coil out and inspect.

There is the misfire, right on the side of the coil. A new coil assembly and all is well.

This coil should have never been reinstalled when the spark plugs were changed. As a rule of thumb for myself, if there is a specific misfire on one cylinder, that coil is going to be replaced, when the tune up work is done. At the very least it will be moved to the easiest location for removal. This one was pretty easy but never put a suspect coil back in #3, #4, #7 or #8.