2001 Pontiac Grand Am, Changing Rear power Window Regulator & Motor Assembly

This 2001 Pontiac Grand Am came in with a rear window inoperative. Pretty clever use, of popsicle sticks and cardboard, to keep the window up though.

First, I removed the the phillips headed screw that holds the interior door handle bezel in place.

Then using a small screwdriver, I lifted the rear edge of the power window switch.

Disconnected the wiring from the switch.

Removed the door panel retaining screw from the open hole left by the power window switch.

Then, I removed the screw from the lower leading edge of the door panel pull handle.

Next, I removed the reflector lens with a small screwdriver.

Removed the last retaining screw.

Then pulled the door panel loose from the door. After all of the screws were removed the push pins were the only thing holding it in place. Double click on the picture below to get a better view of the clips and their positions.

Time to pull the vapor barrier loose. Be very careful to damage the vapor barrier as little as possible. After all it is what protects the inside of the door panel and switches from water damage.

The vapor barrier pulled back far enough to work on the regulator and motor assembly.

Removed the 10 mm headed screws that attach the regulator to the glass.

There are two.

Pull the glass up as secure out of the way. If you do not have suction cup cables, as I do, you can just get someone to hold it up.

Remove the 10 mm headed screws that hold the regulator to the door. Remove the regulator assembly from the door.

Slide the new assembly into the door and bolt in place. The regulator assembly should come preset in the proper position for reattaching the glass. Slide the glass down the track and onto the regulator bracket. Tighten in place.

There were three phillips headed screws that held the door panel to the door. The two black ones were the hidden ones and the silver one goes into the lower leading edge of the door panel pull handle.

The do it yourself glass retainers. Any more windows fail the owner may have to go on a diet 🙂

3 discussions on “2001 Pontiac Grand Am, Changing Rear power Window Regulator & Motor Assembly”

  1. I do not know of anyone that sells component parts for power window regulators. As far as I know replacing the regulator assembly is the only option for a working power window in this situation.

  2. I have a rear window that will roll down but won’t go back up. Is the regulator shot and in need of replacement or is there some way to attach the cable end back into place because that’s all it seems like is wrong with the silly thing?

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