1999 Ford Explorer,Driver’s Low Beam Inoperative

This 1999 Ford Explorer came in with the complaint that the driver’s side low beam headlight was not working. The owner stated that he tried two different bulbs and still nothing. The economy is helping me do posts about old problems. I haven’s seen this problem in several years. People around here are breaking out older cars that have been sitting in their yards for a while.

Anyways the problem occurs on vehicles with the driver information module. These vehicle use a lamp outage module to report to the driver, that a bulb is blown.

The module is not too hard to find once you know what to look for. First unsnap the drivers information panel and rotate to the side.

Next, lift the cup holder panel up and away.

The lamp outage module is located on the right inner side of the center console. It is held in place by two phillips headed screws. The picture below shows removal of the rear screw. Use a magnetic screw driver or an extra magnet to keep from dropping the screws.

The front screw.

Grab a hold of the module connector and rotate the assembly up and out of the console.

It will have “Lamp Outage Module” printed on it.

Release the clips and pull the circuit board from the module.

Locate the faulty solder joint or joints and resolder as needed. Double click on the image below to enlarge. The faulty solder joint is the top right one with the black ring around it. The bring is the actual crack in the solder.

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