2002 Oldsmobile Bravada, Tail Lights Inop

This 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada came in with the complaint the that driver’s side tail light was not working. A little disassembly and the problem was quite evident. Water intrusion had damaged the harness connector and the socket circuit board assembly. In the following picture you can see that the terminal on then far right side is missing.

If you click on the picture below you can see the rust film in the individual terminals and the harness connector.

I spliced in a new harness connector assembly. I staggered the joints so that the repair would be neat and tidy.

Wrapped it up with electrical tape. To purchase the connector please click here.

Installed a new light assembly and this one was done. The old assembly was cracked and the cause of the water intrusion. To purchase new light assemblies please click here.

The following picture is of the original tail light assembly. As you should be able to see the only difference between the two is the yellow or amber area for the turn signal.

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  1. Something worth adding here – I think that the tail lens that Sparky used for the replacement is for a Buick Rainier. This is good information to have because if you are in need of a 2002-2004 Bravada tail light, you will find them on E-bay for around $189 each. The Rainier tail lens are for the production years of 2004-2007 and are far more available, and for far less money.

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