2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee, No Blower

This 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee came in with the complaint that the blower did not operate. The customer had stated that he had tried to repair it, but was unsuccessful. I had to start with installing a new harness connector for the blower speed control module under the passenger side of the dash. The customer had cut the old one out. I first installed the wires in the order that I am accustomed to for other applications, only to find out that the black and red wires were reversed.  Thank you JT for finding my error with the pictures. The wire order in this first picture is incorrect. The rest of the pictures are correct.  If you need this connector, please click here.

The blower speed control module had heat damage as well.

A quick test found no power on the red wire. I did have a ground on the black wire.

I checked the fuse in the under the hood fuse box and found the blower fuse blown.

Time to install the new module.

Pretty easy. Two phillips headed screws. The three wire connector that I had installed and the two wire connector to the blower motor. Now the blower motor is back working. By the way the brown/light green wire should vary between .5 and 5 volts while changing the blower switch from low to high with the key switched on.

Another one done.  Again, if you need this connector, please click here.

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  1. your site with all the pictures just saved me a hole lot of time and confusion Im a AZ mechanic and some of these new car/trucks have a lot of electronics. TY

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