2001 Pontiac Grand Am, Fixing The Turn Signal Switch

On the previous post I had already removed the turn signal switch shown below. To view that post click here.

I placed the switch in a clean secure location because I did not know what might pop out of it. I have never had one of these apart before.

I flipped it over and found multiple torx screws.

I started removing them with my trusty ratcheting driver.

I found that I had to use a regular torx driver for one screw due to clearance against the housing.

With all of the screws removed I separated the halves and luckily nothing popped out. The first thing I noticed was the dark colored grease that not only was on the contact surfaces but in between them. The grease in the area to the left was clear.

Same thing with the contacts on the other half of the switch. Clear grease versus dark grease.

I could see no reason for there to have been two different types of grease used so I removed the old grease with a rag and then started cleaning the contact surfaces with an eraser. By the way an eraser is the absolute best thing to clean tarnished contacts with.

Now the contacts are nice and clean. The depression in the center contact looked like it was that way from the factory and not caused by wear.

Using a pocket screw driver, I removed the dark grease from the slots between the contacts.

I lightly coated the contacts with dielectric grease.

I made sure the spring in the center of the picture below was securely installed in it’s hole and put the two halves back together again.

I installed the switch and the problem was gone. Now for what had happened. The turn signals are the most used part of that switch and transfer of copper and copper oxides had built up in the grease and as a result the grease would conduct a slight bit of current. This current would keep the relay working even though technically it was not commanded to.

The above picture shows the horn contact that has to be pushed and held in so that the switch can be installed on the steering column.

10 discussions on “2001 Pontiac Grand Am, Fixing The Turn Signal Switch”

  1. Thanks a lot Sparky!I was going to replace the turn signal switch on a friends 2001 Grand Am GT that has been having problems with turn signals working intermittently until I read your post about the hazard switch! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  2. had just gotten back from pricing a new switch at autozone when i googled the problem and stumbled onto your post. fixed in no time!! thank a million times over!

  3. The only recall I was aware of is for the hazard switch and this causes a no turn signal condition. Warranty on that is good for 150,000 miles or 10 years, whichever comes first. This repair post is for turn signals continue to click after turn signals are turned off. If you know of a recall for this please submit the TSB number. I will be glad to add it.

  4. Thanks you for your good information. I had a problom that is a continious clicking noise of turn signal switch of my 2001 Pontiac Grand AM. I replaced twice times hazard lights switch, but had same problom. It was a perfect and a problom was gone. Thanks again.

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