2001 Pontiac Grand Am, Turn Signals Click After Switch Is Off

This 2001 Pontiac Grand Am came in with the complaint that there was a ticking noise that continued after the turn signals switched off. I knew that the hazard switch on this car had already been replaced so I was pretty sure it was not the problem. I decided to look at the turn signal switch and wiring.

To gain access to the switch and wiring I had to remove the screws that hole the steering column covers together. I could then flip the top cover up on the forward edge and lifted it off of the rear hinges.

Using a screw driver for leverage I tried to remove the tilt lever handle. It seemed to be stuck so after looking the situation over I decided that the lower cover did not have to come off anyways so there was no need to remove the handle.

With the top cover removed I could then turn turn my attention to removing the switch. One screw in the top of the switch had to be removed. the switch could be rocked and lifted off the column.

The switch could then be rocked and lifted off of the steering column.

I turned the signals on and off to duplicate the condition. Then I disconnected the four wire connector at the top edge of the switch that holds the turn signal control wires and the ticking stopped.

Time for a new switch. I had to wait on a new switch so I decided to see what failed in the old one. Very interesting and cheap repair. I will do a post on it very soon. The next post is done. Please click here to view.

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