Britney & The Mazda MX6, Part 2

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Friday morning rolls around and no sign of Britney, but to my surprise around two o’clock Bob and Britney both show up. Britney then informs me that she is on her way to pick up the check, and wanted to know if I would be at the shop on Saturday. I told her that the shop is not open on Saturday. She then asked what time I closed today. I told her six o’clock. She said okay and that she would be back. Bob did not get out of the truck he was driving. Six o’clock came and went, and I went home thinking I would hear something on Monday, if she actually got the money.

As it happened I did go to my shop on Saturday. I went for a few hours in the morning to clean off my desk and to pay some bills. I left around eleven thirty to go out to lunch with my bride. I came back around four o’clock, and had just sat down to do some posting when I heard a loud knocking on the front door followed by my phone ringing. Not knowing what was up I grabbed my pistol and headed to the front door. Well, I go to the front door and look out and see some unfamiliar and possibly unsavory individuals hanging around, and then I see Britney. I opened the door and stood with the pistol behind my back in one hand, while I held the door with the other. She blurted out “I’m here for the car”. I stated with a great deal of disdain that I was closed and would see them on Monday. She said she really needed to get the car, and that Bob was on his way already with the check. I looked at her “crew” and decided they were no real threat. Three guys and another girl, I sensed no hostility or aggressive behavior from any of them so I told them to hold on a minute, and I would be back out. I put my pistol up and got the keys to the car. On the way back out I asked exactly where Bob was and how long it would be? Britney stated that he was out on a wrecker call and headed back into town with the check, and according to his location he should be here in about twenty minutes. I asked again about the money, and she assured me that Bob had the check.

I brought the car around and started explaining to everybody what I had done to the car, and what needed to be done. My thinking was if they were her friends they would help remind her of what I said. She seems to have a problem with remembering. I was somewhat puzzled why Britney’s friends seemed overly interested in the car.

It was then that I realized that, “this sorry good for nothing piece of trash is selling the car that has been donated to her by the very same charitable organization that had helped her and her family”. I couldn’t prove it yet but I was sure of it none the less!!!

As I went inside I informed the group to just lightly knock on the door when Bob got there, and I would come back out.

About twenty minutes go by, and I heard the knock on the door. Knowing that Bob must be here, I went ahead and raised one of the bay doors. I figured they would need to come inside, and I really did not want to be behind closed doors with five people I really don’t know. I did not know if Bob would come in or just drop the check off. Well when I got the door up I looked around and no Bob. I asked Britney where he was. She explained that he was only a few minutes away, but she had gotten a phone call, and she had to go pick up her kids. She also stated that since she could not drive a stick, her friends would bring the car to her after Bob dropped the check off.

Okay let’s see where this goes. I had pretty much gotten over being angry, and was only a little miffed now. As I waited with her friends I chatted with them a little, and found that they really seemed okay. I started asking how they knew Britney, and found out that the oldest male, about 30, worked with Britney’s “baby daddy” at a local fast food restaurant. I went back inside, and started just organizing a few things while we all waited on Bob. I kept the door open as I did this, and kept looking back to make sure no one was coming in behind me. By this time a full hour had passed, and I had run out of things to do so I sat at my service desk, turned the computer on, played solitaire and waited. While I was waiting I noticed the guys messing around at the rear of the car. I thought they were just checking things out, but then I noticed them dropping leaves and trash on my parking lot. Not cool at all with me. I got up and demanded that they clean the mess up, and handed them a broom and dust pan to pick the mess up with. I was kind of surprised to see that they were apologetic, and did not waste any time in doing so. I was starting to like them more.

I talked with one of the younger boys about a problem he was having with his car, and gave him some instruction in what to do to narrow his problem down. Another twenty minutes and no Bob. Back to the solitaire.

After about another fifteen minutes a good friend of mine and his wife pulled up to see if every thing was okay. I explained the whole painful situation to my friend, Billy and at the end he asked me what I was going to do? I had already grabbed the phone book, and told him that I was about to call Bob to see where he was. I figured it would do no good though because he is in his wrecker, and I do not know his cell phone number. Maybe there would be some one else there or at least a message with his cell number. Well I dialed the number and it rang a couple of times and Bob answered the phone. I said ” Bob, what are you doing answering the phone. I thought you were on the way to the shop with the check for Britney” to which he replied ” No, I have been sitting here watching TV, and as far as I know she was supposed to bring you a check on Monday”. I briefly went over the story with Bob, hung up and then told Billy these people have got to go, and I am sick and tired of the whole deal. Billy being a good and wise friend told me to calm myself down before going out there, which I did sort of.

I explained to the group that we have a problem. Bob is not coming with the check, and I don’t know what is going on, but I was done for the day and they would have to leave. The cell phones all popped out and they were speed dialing Britney, no answers. They started getting their stuff including a license plate out of the car. When I saw them removing the plate I just blurted out, “Y’all are buying this car from Britney aren’t you”. ” We already gave her a hundred dollars, and are supposed to give her the rest on Monday” replied the young girl.

Well ain’t nobody getting this car until I get paid, and the bill has to be paid in full and in cash. I am not wasting any more time on this.

I further explained that I will need proof of ownership (title or registration), because at this point I don’t really know who owns this car. They said they would be back, called for a ride and left. I locked the car back up and went home. That was enough for today. Let’s see what happens on Monday.

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