1991 Honda Accord, Cranks and Shuts Off

This 1991 Honda accord came in with the complaint that the engine would crank and run but as soon as you would release the key the engine would stop. This is or was a common problem on these cars. I was a little surprised the customer had figured out that if she held the key over it would keep running. I guess she was holding the key in the full crank position through because she stated that the starter would make a noise every time she pushed the clutch in. Good thing she did not damage the starter or flywheel. Anyway the diagnosis was a faulty ignition switch, electrical portion. You do not have to buy the complete assembly just the electrical part.

To remove the switch the lower dash cover and the steering column covers have to be removed. A single phillips headed screw holds the lower plastic trim panel in place along with some spring clips on the upper portion.

There are quite a few phillips headed screws that hold the two halves of the steering column covers together. There are also two different types of thread types so keep them separated as you take them out.

With those pieces out of the way the four 10 mm headed bolts can be removed.

Now there are three screws that hold the switch in place. One for the cover plate and two for the actual switch. the screws have both a phillips head and a hex head design.

The first screw removes the cover plate along with a latch that has to be released.

Now the electrical portion of the ignition switch can be removed and pulled out of the car.

The switch terminates at the interior fuse /junction block in the driver’s side kick panel. I strongly recommend removing this connector first to avoid sparking at the the exposed ignition switch wiring in the steering column. Of course you could take the battery loose as well.

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