1993 Ford Explorer, Battery Goes Dead

This 1993 Ford Explorer came in with the complaint that the battery goes dead and both the battery and the alternator have been replaced. Believe it or not this is how it came in. I wonder what could be the problem? Maybe some faulty cable connections? Well this is strange the battery terminal on the left side of the picture is for the battery ground and it has two gray fusible links attached!

The positive cables look a little flaky as well.

Yep, those fusible links that are attached to the negative battery terminal are connected to a large black wire with an orange stripe. Isn’t that the color code for the alternator battery lead? I think this is the problem. Time to clean this mess up.

About an hour or two later and it’s looking pretty good even if I do say so myself. The alternator charges correctly now and there are no drains on the system. Stick a fork in this one because I believe it is done!!!

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