2004 Pontiac Grand Prix, Changing The Cabin Air Filter

This 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix had come in with the complain of no blower operation and this is a supplement to that repair

The cabin air filter is located under the hood on the passenger side of the car. It is a little bit easier to do if you do this first. With the hood closed, turn the ignition on, turn the wipers on and turn the key off when the wiper blades are straight up. Then lift the hood and begin working. I forgot and it doesn’t make that much difference for me.

I removed the hood to cowl rubber seal. It just lifts off of the metal lip.

I pulled a couple of push pins from the cover and unhooked the plastic line from its hold down.

I lifted the cover and found the water deflector missing from its position and this cabin air filter.

I used a shop vacuum to remove the loose leaves and debris.

Can you guess which one is the new one?

I slid the new filter into place and installed the water deflector to its proper position.

I installed the cowl cover and this one was done.

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