2004 Ford F150, Code P2100, Will Not Accelerate

This 2004 Ford F150 Pickup came in with the complaint that the vehicle would not accelerate. I checked codes and found a code P2100 stored for and open circuit in the throttle body motor.

In order to test I had to remove the breather assembly.

I removed  the hold down bolts.

Disconnected the sensor harness.

Removed the evap tube.

I tried to unplug the motor connector but because of the difficulty and I did not want to break anything I decided to remove the throttle body assembly.

There are only four bolts that hold it in place and they are easy to access.

Now that I could easily work with the two wire connector, I got out my multimeter and assorted leads. I had to check continuity between the connector and the powertrain control module on the orange/yellow and dark blue/yellow wires.

I located and disconnected the connector at the left side of the PCM in the picture below. I also had to remove a plastic back cover from the connector in order to properly identify the wiring

I hooked up my meter and a test lead to orange/yellow wire and set my meter to ohms.

I then used the bed of nails clamp and checked at the orange/yellow wire at the back of the PCM connector. Open

I wanted to show more detail so I got a very small diameter wire lead (that would not damage the factory terminal inside the harness connector) and placed it in the terminal 51 socket. Of course it was still open but I wanted to show a different way to test.

I repeated the test on the dark blue/yellow wire (terminal 34) and I found that I had a good wire on that circuit.

I looked and looked for the area that might hold the broken wire and after determining that the whole engine harness would have to be removed I decided to run new wire to the throttle body motor. I first located the orange/yellow wire.

Then I spliced in a new piece of wire and ran it around the back of the engine to the throttle body connector. For good measure, I also ran a new wire to replace the dark blue/yellow wire.

I sealed all connections with dual wall heatshrink tubing and placed the new wires inside a piece of split loom.

Put the plastic cover back over the connector and reassembled all parts.

Another one fixed!!!!

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