2001 Saturn SL Blown Bulbs In Instrument Cluster

The customer came in with this 2001 Saturn SL and a couple of bulbs she wanted replaced in the instrument cluster.  One for the DRL indicator (daytime running lights) and the other for the odometer. The first step was to remove  the covers from the steering column. There were five screws with 5.5 mm hex heads.

Next I removed the two 7 mm hex headed screws at the driver’s side of the dash.

With the screws removed I could pull the end panel off.

Next, I pulled the cluster trim panel from the dash and unhooked the wiring for the switches.

A better view of the panel with the traction control switch and the panel dimming switch.

I removed the two screws at the top outside corners of the instrument cluster. Then, lifted and pulled it forward enough to reach behind and remove the harness connector.

The bulbs can be changed with the cardboard panel in place but I removed it to see if there was any identification marks on the circuit board.

There were none so I had to remove several to find the one for the DRL. It is the one in the next picture.

I then needed to change the bulb for the odometer backlighting. It is the one with the white base.

A 6 mm socket fits the bulb bases by the way.

This is the bulb for the odometer. It is actually a LED.

Performed a bulb check to make sure all bulbs would light up and this one is done.

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  1. Rumor has it there are three or four “theatre” lights that will “flood light” the whole cluster face so that you can see the needles. We’re going to investigate further when we have some time this weekend – using your AWESOME step-by-step pictures so we don’t wreck anything in the exploration. Thank you!!

  2. I have since looked at a wiring diagram and do not see separate lights for the needles. The only way to tell what is wrong is if you remove the cluster and do some testing. First confirm all exterior lights are working. Then check to see if any dash lights (instrument cluster, radio, a/c controls) are working and where they are located.

  3. Bummer… they all went out at once. I was really hoping it was a light bulb or a fuse or something. Not terrible, but makes keeping at the speed limit a little interesting. Thanks for your prompt reply!

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