1996 GMC Sonoma, Turn Signals Inop, Changing The Turn Signal Flasher

The customer brought in this 1996 GMC Sonoma Pickup with and inoperative turn signal complaint. I checked the fuse and it was oaky. Next step is to check the turn signal flasher. This is a pretty straight forward repair except that most people do not realize where the flasher is at. Both the hazard and the turn signal flashers are located in what is referred to as a convenience center. I think it is a strange name, as it is anything but convenient to get to get to.

They are located behind the lower dash cover and just to the left of the lighter and power outlet assemblies.

The black plastic hush covers have to be removed in order to get to all of the screws and there are quite a few screws that have to be removed. If you loosen the lower screws and remove the upper screws the panel will tilt down enough to change the flasher. Be careful and do not bend the panel as it is metal and you will have a very difficult time reinstalling it.

The hazard flasher is on the left and the turn signal flasher is on the right. The new flasher is installed and the turn signals are now working again.

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