1985 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, A/C Compressor Does Not Come On

This 1985 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham came in with the complaint that the air conditioning compressor would not turn on and the weather is starting to heat up. I checked the refrigerant level and found it low but not low enough to cause the compressor to not engage. I have been down this road many times so with the engine running and the a/c set to maximum cooling, I confirmed that the compressor would not come on. I then took a screwdriver handle and tapped on the thermostatic switch and the compressor came on. I repeated this several times just to confirm problem and then I ordered a new switch. Simple right. Well for some reason this switch is no longer listed in the application catalogs and I had to find it in a buyers guide. The part number is 15-5222 in the ACDelco brand. While I waited on the new switch I went ahead and repaired a leaking service valve at the low side service port. After that was done, I removed the seal around the hose clamps that hold the capillary tube snug against the evaporator inlet tube

I also had to remove two screws that held the old switch in place. I installed the new switch by first copying the general bend in the capillary tube from the old switch and then mounted the switch with the two screws mentioned earlier. I then slid the capillary tube into position under the hose clamp bands. I rotated the hose clamps to the original position and tightened the clamps. Snug but not too tight.

Installed new sealing compound. The industry calls it DumDum for some reason. I actually use a windshield sealing putty because no one ever seems to have air conditioning DumDum

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