1990 Ford F150 With No Low Or Delay Wiper Speeds.

This 1990 Ford F150 came in with several problems among which was the complaint of no low and no intermittent wiper speeds. Luckily I had to inspect the headlight switch anyways so I got to kill two birds with one stone.

The first step was to remove the headlight and wiper switch knobs. I had to slide a small screwdriver blade into the slot and depress the retaining clip and then pulled the knobs off.

Next I removed the lower dash cover.

I then grasped the edge of the switch trim panel and pulled it towards the seat to release the spring clips.

I also removed the right trim panel for some other work that I would be doing. For that I removed the one screw on the left side of the steering column that is normally covered by the left switch trim panel.

I removed the screws that held the switch mounting plate to the dash. I disconnected the red connector at the rear of the wiper switch. I then disconnected the black plug in connector that is further back in the dash. After that I removed the one screw that holds the mounting bracket for the delay module and pulled the module out of the dash.

I dis assembled the module by removing the two screws and pulling the circuit board out of the plastic case. Sorry for the lack of pictures on this step.

I located several cracked / broken solder joints. After cleaning and resoldering I put the system back together and all is well. If you will click on the image to enlarge it you can see the faulty joints in the bottom right corner.

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  1. The harness with the red plug and the harness with the black plug both meet at the module. It has been so long since I have done one that I do not remember exactly where the screw is, but if you get a flashlight and look around you should see the black box and then determine where the mounting screw is at. If you want to take some clear pictures to add to this article and send them to me just let me know.

  2. Either I’m dumb or blind or both. I unplugged the switch then the black plug. I followed the harness up (by feel) and I can’t see or feel a screw or anything that resembles a module. Do you have to be a contortionist to get to it? There’s no room to even get my hands up there let alone a tool. I’m frustrated

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