2000 Maxima Blows The Tail Light Fuse

Boys and Girls this is why you do not install a higher rated fuse, jump a fuse with a piece of wire or wrap a fuse with tin foil. This vehicle had a very minor problem of the tail light fuse blowing and it escalated into a several thousand dollar repair because the owner or her friends tried 30 amp fuses where there was supposed to be a 10 amp fuse. When that was not working well enough they wrapped the fuse with tin foil. This car wound up with a burnt harness from the underhood fuse box around the firewall and back down the driver’s door sill. We lost some of the pictures but you can clearly see the damage in the wiring behind the driver’s kick panel.

The actual short was under the driver’s sill trim panel and probably would have been a two hundred dollar or less repair had it been left alone.

The only picture of the actual short was where the retaining clip had pierced the harness and melted . Sorry for not having more detailed pictures.

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