1991 Lexus LS400 – Cranks & Stalls

Vehicle cranks normally but within a few seconds the engine starts to stall. If the throttle is pressed the engine will run but it surges severely. With a little research I found that the fuel pump on this vehicle operates at two different speeds and that the speeds are controlled by changing the supply voltage. 12 Volts during cranking and heavier engine loads and about 6-8 volts all other times. The pump would work normally on 12 volts but would not operate on the lower voltage. The easy test was to apply 12 volts positive to the black w/red wire located in the trunk behind gas tank trim cover. With 12 volts applied the engine cranked and ran fine. Diagnosis of faulty fuel pump. The black w/red wire is located in the upper plug and you can see the red stripe at the far right of the picture below.

The fuel pump is located behind the rear seat. The lower seat cushion has two clips that have to be depressed and the the cushion can be lifted and removed. The inner seat belt buckles have to be removed in order to gain access to two of the four bolts that hold the seat back in place. With the bolts removed the seat back has to be lifted straight up and off of the upper hooks.

Once the seat is removed there is a metal plate that is held on by adhesive. Slide a flat tool under the edge and slowly lift so the plate is not overly bent. Once that plate is removed you will see the actual pump cover as shown below. Before removing the actual fuel pump plate and fuel pump be sure to check the amount of gas in the tank. Anything over about half a tank will result in gasoline running out into the passenger compartment when the bolted on cover is removed. Also ensure there is adequate ventilation and no chance of sparks or open flames. Fuel can be very dangerous and caution should be observed. Follow the manufacturers instruction for replacing the pump. The fuel filter is located under the rear of the car above a metal shield on the driver’s side next to the muffler. I would of had more pictures of the disassembly however the floor under the rear seat was filthy and disgusting and I did not want to stay any longer than necessary. I had to do a lot of clean up just to feel comfortable back there.

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