P0442, 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Car was dropped off with the check engine light on. Checked codes and found P0442 stored for a small evap leak. Looked vehicle over and found nothing. Did some research and found that the common failure is in the rollover valve located in the top of the fuel tank. What happens over time is that the tube on the rollover valve has slight pressure applied to it by a body panel and it develops a crack which is where the small evap leak comes from. The repair is fairly simple in that if you can lower the tank about 3″ to 4″ while maintaining support on the tank then you can access the rollover valve screws from the driver’s side with one arm and over the rear of the tank with the other arm. There are three attaching screws and the single hose that hold the rollover valve in place. Some people have suggested beating the floor panel up and away from the valve but I figured it will probably last another ten or eleven years and the tank would have to be well out of the way to be able to modify the panel.

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