1999 Buick LeSabre, A/C Controls Blinks, Ticking Under Dash

This car came in with the complaint of the a/c control head was blinking and there was a ticking sound under the dash. Also the customer stated that the headlights go out when this happens. Luckily the symptoms were present along with others. The oil gauge would jump with the ticking sound and I noted that the right turn indicator would glow with the headlights turned on.

Being confronted with so many symptoms it is always best to pick one and target it only until completed or until you reach a road block and cannot continue. The right headlight was the easiest so I chose to investigate it first. Checked powers and grounds and found ground signal missing.

Consulted wiring diagram and found ground located at right front inner fender panel. While there I also checked for ground locations for the a/c system. Guess what, right front inner fender panel.

Located, cleaned and tightened all grounds at ground stud on right front inner fender panel and rechecked vehicle symptoms. All were cleared up!!!!

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