2001 Ford Ranger, Fuse #2 Blows

2001 Ford Ranger with automatic transmission came in with fuse #2 in the interior fuse block blowing for the customer daily. Customers main complaint was that the a/c would stop blowing when the fuse would blow.

Inserted fused jumper wire that uses ATO/ATC fuses. Cheaper fuses to blow and can access wiring to do amp draw testing.

Ran vehicle and operated a/c while wiggling wires. No problem found. Moved vehicle and fuse blew as shifter was moved through reverse. Checked reverse light wiring (okay). Fuse would no longer blow. Drove vehicle, no problem. Consulted wiring diagram and found that fuse #2 supplies power to the overdrive switch and I knew what the problem was. Removed lower panels and steering column shroud and found the shorted wiring harness for the overdrive switch at the shift lever pivot point.

Locate and disconnect O/D switch harness connector and confirm that the short is gone.

The actual short is shown in the last picture. It is the copper colored spot just above and slightly left of the shifter pivot pin. Wrapped with live rubber tape and electrical tape and reassembled. Fixed!!!!

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  1. Same stupid problem on my 2003 Ranger with a non-tilt column. Only one lead was bare. Wrapped small rubber tubing around it held by 2 small zip ties to cure it . Info from you had me fixed in about 1.5 hours on June 16,2013. Thanks Much for info. Flat Top George

  2. It is near the top. If you look at the 6th picture in the post you will see that it is about 2-3 inches from the hazard switch button. Once the steering column covers are removed, it will actually be under the shifter handle boot.

  3. I’ve been able to determine that the o/d is the problem, but while looking at the pic you posted I can’t find where the wire is near the shifter. Is it near the top/nearest the handle or down the shifter under the dash? Of course I can’t get my head under the dash to see. Let me know please!

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