Why is there no power to the actuator that operates the recirculating door

ID Status Date Year Make Model Transmission Type A/C Controls Public/Private
#14501 Closed 1996 GMC K1500 public

I bench tested the actuator which allows the recirculating door to open and close (with a 9v battery) and the motor functions properly.

And confirming that the actuators in a 1996 cannot be recalibrated.


According to the information that I could find there are three wires at the actuator.

The brown wire is ignition powered through the HTR-A/C fuse, #12. It should be a 25 amp fuse.

The black wire has a constant ground on it.

The recirculation actuator produces a flat line voltage to the control head on the Dark Green wire. The control head applies a ground on that circuit to cause the recirculation actuator to change position.

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