Why does my right turn signal for the trailer not work

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#15601 Closed 2004 Ford F350 public

My trailer lights for the right turn and break Signals have not worked for a long time. I have swapped the left/right relays and there is no change


Do all of the hazard lights work?

Do both relays click when the right and left turn signals are turned on?

Does the right rear turn signal work on the truck? If the relays both click and the turn signal on the truck works there is likely a problem on the trailer or the actual terminal contacts in the trailer socket or plug.

Have you checked for a voltage signal at the trailer connector with the trailer disconnected? If so there may be a contact issue in either connector, broken wire on the trailer or a faulty socket at the trailer light socket.


Yes the hazards do work and both Turn signal relays click when activated. The rear signals works on the truck. The circuit was closed on the power wire from the 7 way plug all the way up to the trailer pkg plug in under the hood. I swapped the relays left for right and the problem persists. I checked for power going into the right relay and it had voltage. I decided to unwrap the wire loom leading up to the trailer pkg relays and fuses. I found that a ground wire had broke. This wire ran up to the right relay. I Repaired that wire and my problem was solved. Kind of an odd thing but I was happy to find it. I have lived with this problem since 2009! Thanks for the response.


Glad to hear you figured it out and even though I did not solve the problem for you, I hope our conversation  was some inspiration for you solve the issue yourself.

Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated

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