While driving the control panel died.

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#15807 Closed 2004 Volvo XC90 public

While driving the control panel died. Speedo and rev counter did not work. Lights and indicators did not work. Locking system did not work and windows did not work.
We disconnected the battery, wait a while and reconnected. All where fine. Later while driving the same happened again.
We thought that it might be because of a electrical unit overheating and then cutting out. Yesterday morning on the first start the same happened – controls panel dead. What we did realize is that whenever this happen there is a ticking sound from the driver side window and door lock control (unit). The unit where you can control all windows, adjust the mirrors and lock the doors. We striped the door open and unplugged the two connection points on this unit. When we started the car all where fine. Lights worked perfectly and control panel was fine. We reconnected the unit and the same issue recur.
Can a faulty door window locking unit – Module no: 9401805 course this to happen?


Any device on the same communication data lines could bring the whole system down so yes it could be conceivable that a window swatch could be involved. However the two more common causes would be a faulty relay CM122 or a faulty instrument cluster. I would strongly recommend checking and recording all stored diagnostic codes in all systems. After that I would try interchanging the above relay with one of the same part number in the relay  box. Try only using one from a lesser system. See the attachment.

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