Where do the thermostat ground wires go

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Im missing the ground at the thermostat housing on my 94 350 tbi silverado. The wires are tan and other black with white stripe and they are connected to the harness that goes to the back of the alternator. Looks rigged to me. Somebody cut the ground off the 14mm bolt on the thermostat housing. Im thinking its those wires but im not sure. My temp gauge and speedometer dont work. I know without the ground my temp gauge wont work. I replaced the temp sensor with no luck.


With any luck the two wires you mentioned are still connected together  with the crimp neck of the ring terminal that is broken off.  It is very common for this to happen whenever the thermostat bolt has to be loosened or removed.  You should be able to clip the remaining end of the crimp from the two wires. Then strip them back and crimp on the appropriate sized ring terminal. Remove the nut from the thermostat bolt and re attach the new ring terminal to the stud. I do recommend making  sure that the bolt/stud is actually grounded in the intake.   Sometimes the threads get corroded where it goes through the thermostat housing and into the intake. Once in a while an extra ground wire needs to be added to that stud location and a known good ground.

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