When I turn my heater on I can still hear my A/C compressor kick on and off but I get no heat from defrost or panel only cold air

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#14128 Closed 2000 Chevy Suburban public

When I turn my heater to warm and turn it on it still blows cold air in all positions. When I open hood I can hear the A/C compressor still running and heater hose inlet and return are hot but no heat inside it has rear air also.


Start by checking the engine coolant level. If okay and you are sure there is coolant flow through the heater cores you will need to move on to checking the operation of the temperature door actuators.

Will that turn the A/C compressor off I think that is what’s causing it to blow cold air

Coolant level is good heater hoses are hot and I just checked the A/C lines and the one is really cold.


Even if the compressor stays on you should be able to adjust to heat if everything else is functioning correctly.  Depending on what type of system you have the compressor will not turn off until the ambient temperature is seen as below 32F by the computer systems. Do you have auto or manual a/c controls? Can you command the compressor off by pushing the snowflake button?

yes I have the A/C button off I sent a picture of control panel with first Question


The compressor stays on whenever you are in either of the defrost positions and that is normal.

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