What’s the difference between standard and luxury power steering gear box.

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For a 2003 Chevy z71 silverodo 5.3 LT. The gear box’s they both have 32 teeth and lines are the same. And look to bolt up the same. Only thing I see is different is the (turn to lock. That what autozone called it) the standard is 3.5 and the luxury one is 3.0 it says. Does this matter? Thanks need to replace the gear box bad. It won’t turn to the left easily and now is pulling to the right. But might be my tire on the left making it pull to the right, thank you


The only thing I can tell you is to look at the RPO label in the glove box.  If it has codes Y91 (Luxury Edition) 0r B4U (Sport Edition) you need the “Luxury” type gear box. If it does not have either of those two codes you will need the standard part.  All of the above is based on knowing the original glove box is installed in your truck.

well looks like it’s the standard one. but here’s a pic just to make sure. thank you


I would agree but do make sure the VIN on the RPO sticker matches the truck’s VIN.

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