What if you adjust your a/c during the (Do not adjust your a/c) part of recalibration on an 04 Escalade?

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#14716 Closed 2004 Cadiliac Escalade public

I was trying to clear a fuel purge solenoid light, As i turned on the ignition i think i turned down the temp on the drivers side a/c. During the (DO NOT ADJUST) Part of recalibration. I was not aware it was recalibrating. The truck switches from hot to cold after 16sec ever since then. I have tried all the recalibration techniques you posted and many others. Do you think i need a special scan tool?


No, the most sure fired way to initiate a recalibration is to simply disconnect the battery. We avoid doing this as it can cause other unintended issues with idle speeds, transmission shift points and general memory resets. So when all else fails try that.

One thing that everyone forgets about is that you can have a borderline acceptable actuator that is not presenting any unwanted issues but it will not successfully pass through the recalibration process. You would really need the use of a quality scan tool to accurately diagnose the problem  but most people do not have one. So the next logical step would be to replace the actuator.

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