We bought a 2006 Chevy Express Van That Will Not Start

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My husband bought a 2006 Chevy Express Van and now it will not start. It sounds like it wants to start & won’t. A mechanic at the local Chevy dealer looked at it & he says that it MAY BE the engine fuse box because the box (he used the word block) is all corroded. An another mechanic checked it before thethis guy & all of the fuses were checked & they all work in the engine fuse box. The Chevy dealer mechanic also said that it may be the wiring harness. I did not speak to him, my husband did & he doesn’t know diddly squat about auto repairs. My impression is that no one has figured out what the specific problem is but the previous mechanic checked several things. I can’t ask him specifically what he checked because he is in jail now. I hate this van. I doubt if I have given you enough information but I can ask my husband any info that you may need & hopefully he will have an answer. He got talked into buying this van without my knowledge. No one can figure out what the specific problem is & I want it fixed so I can sell it & but a Jepp or Honda. Thank you, Lori

That was supposed to say Jeep. Thx Lori


There are so many possibilities but hopefully I can help you narrow down the problem. First of all what is the engine size? What kind of tools and experience do you have in testing  various systems?

Now we need to start determining what the actual problem is; does the starter turn the engine but the engine fails to catch and run? Or does the starter fail to turn the engine?

The engine 5.3. The mechanic at the dealer checked the started & when I tried to start it, it almost started. My husband said that the starter is ok according to the mechanic. I am going to speak to the mechanic at the dealership myself and ask a few questions and I will let you know what I find out. Thank you!

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