Toyota Camry 2009 reverse and emergency break wiring

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#15040 Closed 2009 Toyota Camry public

Brought stereo system with video ad backup camera, able to connect to normal stereo, but there are two things that are bothering me, one is emergency break wire, to see video in stereo, a wire need to connect to break/parking and the second one is unable to find the reverse signal wire near the stereo.

Could you please help me in finding the wiring for reverse signal and emergency/parking break.

thanks in advance.


The parking brake switch is located on the parking brake assembly and it should be a blue wire. There is however a reference that it also could be yellow.

The backup light switch wire is supposed to be red and could be accessed in the trunk. There are other places you might be able to tap into it but it will require testing with a suitable multimeter and backprobe pins.

Thank you for replying, found the blue wire at parking break and attaching image.
About the backup light switch wire, any suggestion where can i find the wire near the stereo, i tried with multimeter in the existing stereo connectors, but i am unable to find it and i guess for my car the backup light switch wire does not exists near stereo attaching the image from stereo as well.


The info is a little vague but there is a fair chance that you will find the red wire in the E48 connector in the attached image on page 57.

If that does not work out locate the wire in the trunk and follow the harness back to the front of the vehicle and attach to it in which ever kick panel it comes out on.

thank you for your help, i have to track back from trunk, i don’t the see the connector what you mentioned, thanks for your help.

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