The previous owner cut off the aspirator harness on ny headliner

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My 2003 silverado ss comes with the digital auto temperature controls..seems like the previous owner cut off the aspirator harness the one in the headliner to put a new headliner on the truck..Since my truck is missing the aspirator and the heat only works on 90 and cold at 60.My question is where does the aspirator harness in the headliner run to? Does it run all the way to the climate control module? Or somewhere else? Trying to sensor I can find were its cut off from so I can rewire a new aspirator and get my climate control to work again. Thanks sparky.


Not exactly sure how it is routed but most likely it comes up the driver’s “A” pillar. I have included a picture of what the connector should look like.  With any luck the connector is just tucked away somewhere. The wire colors are: “A” Dark Green, “B” White/ Black, “C” Black and “D” Brown. 

They cut it down further down from the A wondering were it comes and travels from so I can rewire a new connector.


I have a 2003 LT with auto air. I will try to look at mine later this week to get a better idea for you. It has been cold, raining and snowing here the past few days.

Thank you sparky.much appreciated.

Hope u haven’t forgotten lol.


Definitely have not forgotten. The weather and a host of other things have not been the most cooperative. If you can be patient I should be able to get you some firmer answers in the next week or two. I have been researching and found that the harness plugs into the I/P Relay block located under the left side of the dash. It is supposed to be in position C4.


My guess is that it leaves that location and travels up either the driver’s  “A” or “B” pillar before entering the headliner area.

Thanks sparky I will be patient


I finally got around to working on my truck. What I found out is that the harness is part of the headliner assembly and of course if the headliner does not have an aspirator or the hole for the aspirator there will be no wiring for it either. I made a video while working on my truck and uploaded it to YouTube. I tried to show as much detail as possible of how the harness is routed/attached.

2003 Silverado Interior Temperature Sensor/Aspirator Replacement and Harness Routin

Thanks sparky..turned out tye previous removed the aspirator harness and aspirator all together I don’t know why? Maybe because he had an aftermarket headliner put on..but I purchased an aspirator and harness from a junkyard and rewired everything to the relay box…everything works at it should!


Glad to hear your truck is fixed. Sorry I took so long to get the full answer for you. Hopefully our conversations helped a little.

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