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I am working on a 2005 Chrysler Sebring Touring with the 2.7Lengine. We have a no start no crank issue. There are also no wipers, turn signals, or radio. Headlights, power locks, power windows, blower etc. work fine. I have checked all of the fuses in the panel, the battery is a few weeks old and showing 100% charge when load tested, and the cables are clean and tight. I also swapped out the electrical side of the ignition switch and that didn’t help. Is there a hidden ground somewhere that could be causing the issue? Or is there something I am missing.


Do you have scan tool to communicate with all modules on the vehicle? If not I would start with the simplest problem and check the wipers. You need constant power on the 40 amp fuse 18 in the power distribution box and the 10 amp fuse 15 in the interior fuse box with the ignition on.

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