Replaced resistor and blower

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#15094 Closed 2000 Pontiac Grand prix public

Here’s my deal ac was working fine to the point where water started leaking in the front passenger side left it alone didn’t know it was damaging the ac resistor and fan blower . Till one day the ac stop blowing and water never really leaked inside anymore . Recently I took the time to Google the leak and ac blower turns out the leak was coming from under the hood where the wipers are. So I bought the resistor and left the blower but long story short it didn’t work I know I need a new blower but I left the resistor and blower unplugged that night worked in the am and didn’t wanna start had to jump it . So I charged the battery its starts just not as fast as it use to I have to let it crank a few seconds before it starts so do I need A new battery , new starter , could it be a fuse


Assuming that the doors or glove box were not open all day/night long or the the ignition left on for hours I would be leaning towards a weak battery.

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